About Us

Leading Law Firm of Bangladesh 

The Law and Justice’ is only country wide law firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh which is widely recognized as one of the leading chambers in the country for providing legal aid to the justice seeker. The chamber launches a new idea in legal arena, that is providing legal aid not only for Supreme Court but also in 64 district court of Bangladesh including magistrate court, labour court, income tax, VAT authority, for example if any person reside in panchghar (Northeast district of Bangladesh) but his relative arrested in Cox’s Bazar Southest district of Bangladesh) in any case, it is quite difficult to meet with a lawyer of Cox’s Bazar due to distance and inacquintence, in such a situation arrested accused and his family member are fall down in deep tension about legal aid. The law and justice shall stand with the justice seeker in any where in Bangladesh and shall provide one stop legal aid service from lower court to Higher court.

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